Discovery is a Team Sport: Why you must involved your stakeholders in research and synthesis

Session Category :  Talk 
May 26, 2017
15:45  -  16:30

Product Managers and Designers understand that depending on the complexity of the problem and the domain, the Discovery period is one of the most critical times in the product life cycle.  Without it, there is no time to validate and de-risk ideas before committing to code.

If stakeholders are not involved in the process, there is no transparency or understanding around the activities that are taking place, the time it takes to implement them, how insights are derived.  Without this participation, stakeholder miss out on the ah-ha moments that product teams experience, and don’t every truly understand how user centered design practices work.  PMs end up with a vision that’s un-supported.  This talk will outline this risk, discuss the reasons why it’s important to have stakeholder collaboration and input, and detail how and when to get stakeholders involved so as to maximize their value.