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08:15Registration and Breakfast
09:00Keynote - Revisiting Pandora’s Box: The Gift of Hope and the Future of Agile by
Portia Tung

10:00What the masters have done and taught by Ryan Behrman
Agile mindset, Lean, Kaizen, Future of Agile
Playing the Chaos Lottery by Helen Lisowski
Agile Team, Agile Resilience, Agile mindset
Agile and Strategic Thinking by David Leach
Agile Performance, Metrics, Lean, Future of Agile
11:00PMO to support your organisation's revolution by Dean Latchana
Agile Performance, Agile PMO, #noprojects, Future of Agile
Work online like we are in office together by Lisette Sutherland
Agile Team, Remote Collaboration
Developing better products by understanding jobs to be done by Ozlem Yuce
Agile Product
11:45Lunch BreakDeveloping better products by understanding jobs to be done (part 2 - until 12:15 pm)
13:30Performance Management, the new team task! by Adam Polczyk
Agile Performance, Agile Team, Future of Agile
Being Agile in Business by Belinda Waldock
Agile Product, Agile in Business, Future of Agile
10 radical ideas for Agile Testing by Paul Holden
Agile Testing, QA, Kaizen, Future of Agile
14:30Agile's future? Skepticism by Tomas Kejzlar
Agile Mindset, Future of Agile
Agile Marketing, The incomplete guide by Gez Smith
Agile Product, Agile Marketing, Future of Agile
The curiosity carousel by Portia Tung
Agile Team, Play Intelligence, Personal Development
15:15Afternoon Break
15:45Teal shade of Agile by Tobias Mayer
Teal, Self-organisation, Future of Agile
Discovery is a team sport by Rosemary king
Agile Product, Agile Team, Stakholder
Coaching Scrum teams on Vertical Story Slicing Micro-Services by Rickard Jones, Christoforos Nikitas
Agile Transformation, Software Developement, Future of Agile
16:45Agility is not an option by Jose Casal
Agile Mindset, Agile in Business, Future of Agile
How to foster a culture of documentation by Jennifer Riggins
Agile Team, Agile Documentation, Software Development
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17:45Farwell drink

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Agile Performance
Agile Product
Agile Team
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